5+ Tips for RV Home Office

We recently bought out first camper!  Yes, I said our first…not because we have our second, but because we’ve learned things about this one that has brought us to the conclusion that there will be another one some day.  Not now, but eventually!

We’ve had a LOT of fun so far pulling it all over the south (but mostly staying in our home state of Arkansas)! Our second trip, we took it all the way from Arkansas to Dauphin Island, Alabama…SO MUCH FUN!!! That was an AMAZING trip with some of our very best friends and our youngest daughter…and yes, I did wear that hat all week!

Anyway…a couple of weeks ago, we went to Mountain View, Arkansas.  If  you’ve never gone, you should!  It’s such a cute little town that just feels like home.  More on that in another post.  I had been working tirelessly for a couple of weeks getting my ideas together for this website and just hadn’t had time to get the ideas online.

I had set up all the basics on my site (hosting, domain, email accounts, etc.), but just hadn’t really done much of anything else. I used to build websites as a side gig, so I knew getting it live was just the first hurdle, but I also knew I had a long, long way to go. I still needed to find a theme, set up the menu items, side bar items, get rid of all the stock posts that came with the theme, and so on.  Tiny details that take FOREVER! Sometimes I enjoy this process, but for some reason this time I was SO impatient!

The friends we were traveling with slept in that Saturday morning (quite impressively, I might add…for old people!), so without anything else to do, I decided to login on the RV park’s wifi and get some work done.

Much to my surprise, I was SUPER productive!!!  I got SO much done on the blog that I literally just couldn’t believe it.  I don’t know if it was because I was so relaxed, or if it was because I just didn’t have any other cares in the world (like laundry, or what’s for dinner, or home renovation, etc.), but I’m telling you…I got A LOT done (maybe it was because I was barefoot…HA!!!)! So much so, that I decided I would try doing it at home!  These pics are of me ACTIVELY avoiding work with my super cute grand-dog!

I’ve come to love working in the camper SO much!!!  I look forward to working from home now and don’t put it off as much. That one Saturday, I found my website theme, got it installed, set up all of the various visual elements to the site and got it ALMOST ready for posting. My next work day at home, I finished up my website menu items, my “about” page, and wrote a couple of posts…all in a few hours!

Let’s get on with the tips…

5+ Important Tips to Working from Your RV Home Office:

  1. Create a clutter free work area. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered work space. I’m aware that space is limited inside even the most generously sized campers. Freeing up workspace is a MUST! We have a little camper, not much more than a bed, bathroom, kitchen, and dining/lounging area. Usually, we keep our table stowed away in the bathtub which creates a lounging area/living room. In fact, it feels silly to call it a living room. It’s tiny! When the camper is parked at home, we store all of our outdoor things (anti-gravity chairs, a folding table, an outdoor fan, etc.) inside the camper. To work at home in the RV, I have to move some of these things into the bathroom (after I get the table out 🙂 ) to create my work area.
  2. Get comfy. Ok, maybe the picture is a bit much, but I live in the southern U.S. This usually means turning on the air conditioner.  There are literally about 2-4 weeks total during the whole year I’d go without AC or heat (more AC than heat!). Make sure you have lower back support and a cushion under your derriere if you don’t already have one. This is actually why I prefer to work in the camper, my home office is full of stressful things that need to be dealt with (do you sense the procrastination there?) and my kitchen chairs are hard, whereas my camper has padded seats. I also dress comfortably…and I ALWAYS remove my shoes!
  3. Remove distractions. Do you let music drown out local sounds (RV park or ambient noises from the neighborhood)? Crank it up, or put on headphones. Do you prefer to work in silence? Put your phone away or set it to silent. If you’re not alone, ask your significant other to take a nap, or maybe take a walk, or run an errand. At home, this is easy because my hubby is a sports fan. He can enjoy all the Sports Center he can stand while I work quietly in the camper. While camping, he enjoys people watching. He sits outside while I work inside. This would also be a GREAT time to put your phone completely out of reach! It beckons us with every buzz, ring, or other notification…SO OBNOXIOUS!!!
  4. Prep ahead of time. This is SUPER important for me as I tend to be fairly A-D-D driven. One of the things I do to prep is that I start a Google Keep list for my ideas and/or random thoughts. This gives me a checklist to work from and helps me to stay organized. If you don’t know about Google Keep (keep.google.com), you TOTALLY should! It’s available for both Androids and Apple products as an app, too. Check out your Play/App Store. I also use Google Docs/Drive for lengthier ideas (docs.google.com). My theory on using Google products instead of the notepad that comes with every phone is that if your family is anything like mine, phones are accident prone. Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As soon as you type on your phone, the list/doc/spreadsheet is automatically saved online. Should you lose your phone for any reason, all you have to do is replace the broken device, install the apps, and login.

  5. Go paperless. Maybe this should go without saying…idk! I’m all about using as little paper as possible. For one reason, I DO NOT have space AT ALL for unnecessary paper laying around in my camper. I’m a realtor in my real life. SO. PAPER. INTENSE!!!! It makes me NUTS! Fortunately, our office has recently gone paperless. This has been an almost spiritual experience for me as I can do almost EVERYTHING from my camper…anywhere in the world! I believe if I was on the road, I would probably read up on apps like THESE for iPhone or THESE for Androids to scan in documents. Also, develop a great organizational system on your computer or better yet, on an external hard drive like THIS ONE…but that’s another post all together!
  6. GET UP AND MOVE!!! This is as important working from the camper as much as it is if you were working from anywhere else…office, home office, RV home office! Walk around. Stretch. Drink a glass of water. Rest your eyes, blink, use eye drops! Regardless of what your job is, this is a must-do. As a matter of fact, I’ll be right back!  LOL!

I know this is by no means a comprehensive list. What have I missed? Be sure to post your thoughts and comments below!

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