In 2010, my oldest daughter was a senior in high school.  She came home from school one day and told me about this “MAGICAL” new website called Pinterest.  Now, I don’t know if you have children or not, but this is ESPECIALLY true of teenagers…they come home at least once a week with something NEW…FANTASTIC…MAGICAL even!  Magical, REALLY?! I will say, however, that when she showed it to me I thought, “that could be fun.”  I downloaded the app, created an account (at the time you had to wait for approval), then began pinning.  I lost interest pretty quickly, because I just didn’t have much spare time with three kids in school.  You know…middle school band for one, marching band for the other, football for another (not like you’d think…the oldest was a photographer on the year book staff!), and all of the many “lasts” for my senior.  Our schedule was FULL!!!

Later that year, I realized she was using it for EVERYTHING: fashion, recipes, photography ideas, etc., etc., etc.  My creative side got jealous!  She was getting all of these ideas for FREE…and from ONE WEBSITE…and what was I doing?!  Yes, opening my cookbook every time I needed a recipe…THE SHAME!  LOL!  So I started pinning too!

I don’t know when it went from just fun to using Pinterest almost exclusively for my go-to search engine.  Home renovation lined up?  Pinterest!  Guests coming over…need a new recipe? Pinterest!  Don’t know what to wear for fall? Pinterest!  Going on vacation in a new place? Pinterest!  You get the point!  My daughter called herself the “Pinning Queen!” Cute…isn’t she?  If she’s the Pinning Queen, what am I…you guessed it, the PIN-gineer!

Over the years, I’ve done lots of creative things based on ideas I’ve gotten from Pinterest.  I usually post them on my Facebook, which has led to many people asking me why I don’t have a blog.  That’s pretty much how I got the idea for this website!  I just needed a place to share my ideas and maybe get ideas from others!  Why don’t you join me here and follow the blog?