Pro Blogger Bundle Review – Learn to Start and Monetize Your Blog

Pro Blogger Bundle Review


When searching for ways monetize my blog, I ran across and eventually recently purchased Create and Go’s Pro Blogger Bundle and decided to do a review since there aren’t many out there. It’s a doozy…here we go…


I’m not too different from you…I have a spouse, children, a job (realtor), and I am also a person who is SO SICK of the daily grind…9 to 5 (I WISH!)…day in and day out monotony.  I am a Jack/Jill of all trades, and a master of none. I have literally tried DOZENS of ideas trying to make money from home over the years! Mostly to be able to stay home with my kids, but now they are grown and I’d really love to replace my husband’s and my money with an online income.

From a young age, if there was something I wanted to know, I went after it…HARD! I realized that LEARNING in and of itself was my super power! I learned to play the guitar, I learned how to draw and paint, I learned how to craft and DIY things around my home, and yes, even how to build websites.


HANG ON, NOW…don’t let me lose you! I don’t want you thinking, “whatever she’s about to say won’t apply to me because I don’t know how to build websites!” What I mean by “learned to build websites” is that I basically learned to hack HTML more than anything, but it was 1999 and the whole internet was still basically in it’s infancy (think dial-up here). Website technology changed DRASTICALLY over the years and I didn’t keep up with the learning curve. I did learn how to use programs like WordPress, but never really kept up with how to drive traffic to and how to monetize websites. Building websites and monetizing them are two ENTIRELY different things!



I knew I wanted to build a blog. If I could JUST GET IT TO MAKE MONEY! IF…If I could monetize it, It could buy me the freedom to travel, to make money from anywhere in the world…at any time of day. I could teach my kids how to do the same. I could pay off my mortgage early and gain REAL, TRUE FREEDOM! Like most people, I have a BURNING desire to hit the road and see this big, beautiful world. 

Even though I have this pretty nifty skill of building websites, it LITERALLY does me no good…AT ALL…NONE! My problem is not that I don’t know how to BUILD a blog, it’s that I have never known how to MONETIZE it. So, I realize that I have a head start on others in that I can START a blog…and that IS handy, but I’m not very much different from anyone else who doesn’t really know how. While I CAN build a blog, I still have TONS to learn about monetizing it, and am CONSTANTLY and DEEPLY FRUSTRATED with my lack of knowledge. WHY CAN’T I JUST CRACK THE CODE?!?!


Pro Blogger BundleThis is why I decided to purchase Create and Go’s Pro Blogger Bundle. I don’t even remember how I stumbled on their website…maybe on Pinterest, maybe on YouTube, but the fact is, I was DESPERATELY seeking ANY idea to free my income from this location. You see, my income is currently COMPLETELY dependent on WHERE I AM (my husband is a hairstylist…I am a realtor)! I began searching for ways to begin a blog and how to SUCCESSFULLY monetize it QUICKLY. That’s how found Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus, and how I began watching their videos.

Being a person who learns quickly on my own, ESPECIALLY when it comes to technology, I thought, “I’ll just watch all of their FREE videos…if these people can learn all of this stuff just using the internet, surely I can too!” So off I went, watching EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO. I’m not kidding…I just went down the list, watching them all. Once I watched a playlist or two, I eventually ended up on their website.



These kids (yes, they are kids to me…sorry Alex & Lauren!) have some great ideas…

HOLY COW….they want $500 for their Pro Blogger Bundle?!?!?!  …ok, THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN…EVER! Anything they can learn from Google, I can learn from Google! (Again, sorry Alex & Lauren…just being honest here!)

What they’re saying in these FREE videos makes sense…I wonder what more they could POSSIBLY say in their paid videos?

$500…Are they SERIOUS?

Maybe I can just buy one product and see what it’s all about, which one?

I don’t really need “Launch Your Blog,” I know I NEED Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, but my whole THINKING is wrong about websites…I don’t need to know how to build it, I need to know how to get traffic to it AND I need to MONETIZE IT.  I wonder if what they’re teaching in Six-Figure Blogger would help that?

It SURE WOULD be nice to not have to search all over the internet and have all of that info in one place, and $500 is that much if I think about all the time involved in the search process. (I used to charge $50 per hour to do updates on websites, so that’s just 10 hours of website updates).

[At this point, I joined one of their Facebook groups and even had a little interaction with Lauren about which product to buy. She recommended Six Figure Blogger if I could only get one.]

Six Figure Blogger is $300ish…that’s doable, but I REALLY WANT Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, too.  If I just bought the Pro Blogger Bundle, I’d be getting both classes at their regular price and basically get Launch Your Blog for free, and maybe pick up some useful info if I did that course too.

I began leaning towards buying the bundle. [Update, now they have a new course called Make Money Blogging for Beginners, too. The bundle price has also increased to $647 to reflect that, but it’s still WAY worth it.]

Then, I had a quick and unexpected closing (remember, I’m a realtor), which oddly enough put about $500 extra in my pocket. I decided that THIS was a gift from above and I needed to POUNCE on the Pro Blogger Bundle, so I did.



WHOA, BABY!!! I am SO HAPPY I bought the whole bundle! It’s a LOT of information…it’s a little like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hydrant, but the knowledge they give you is SO COMPREHENSIVE! It boils down all the questions I had and answers them all one by one! Just what I was looking for!

Alex and Lauren teach you how to formulate and execute your ideas in such an ORGANIZED and COMPLETE manner.  Inside the course, they teach you how to build and launch your blog (Build and Launch Your Blog) including what to write about, how to monetize your blog and make your first $1,000 per month (Make Money Blogging for Beginners), how to get traffic to your blog for free (Pinterest Traffic Avalanche), and how to change your thinking about blogging to learn how to go MUCH beyond that initial $1,000 per month (Six-Figure Blogger).

As an added bonus, they have Facebook groups for each course that are pretty active. The best part about this is that Lauren frequents these groups and gives advice fairly often. I love meeting other people who are on the same journey with me, as well as giving and getting advice and encouragement from them.



I’ve actually done the courses in the reverse order of what they recommend because I am able to build the website without any help, so I started with Six Figure Blogger.  I’ve yet to make it all the way through Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, and haven’t even started the Launch Your Blog Course, but the Six Figure Blogger course alone IS WORTH THE PRICE! I probably could’ve fumbled through the internet learning everything they teach, but it would’ve taken me FOREVER, and to have it all in one place bundled up in a nice little package for me…that’s INVALUABLE! Not to mention the fact that I can go back and forth in the lessons as needed without having to look it all up again on Google. TOTALLY WORTH THE PRICE!

Even though I knew how to build websites before I bought Six Figure Blogger, I was GRIPPED WITH FEAR to start my blog. One of the things that comes along with being a Jack of all trades and master of none, is that you tend to BELLY FLOP…A LOT (read: FAIL) on a lot of things. I’ve tried so many things to make extra money that it’s really pretty obnoxious. So, I’ve been nervous about starting a blog…silly, I know. However, after doing the Six Figure Blogger course, I’ve gone from nervous and afraid to excited…anxious even…anxious in a good way! I FINALLY feel CONFIDENT with what to write about, how to drive traffic, and how to convert that traffic into REAL SPENDABLE INCOME!

If you are interested in starting a blog, or growing, driving traffic to, or monetizing your existing blog, go on over to Create and Go and get the Pro Blogger Bundle!

I can’t wait to start seeing the results rolling in, and I will post updates as they happen!

**By way of full disclosure, I am an affiliate of Create and Go. I receive a portion of every sale driven from this website. That being said, I promote their products because I loved it so much, not because I just wanted a product to sell. If I did’t absolutely LOVE the courses, I would not sell them on my site…I wouldn’t lend my reputation on an nonreputable product!



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