What’s Your Why

This might seem like a funny title to you, but let me explain. I currently work for Keller Williams Realty. One of our founders, Gary Keller, wrote a book called “The One Thing.” We talk about it frequently in our team meetings, and on our closed Facebook group. This book encourages you to figure out what your big “why” is…why do you want to become successful (at work, it’s pertaining to real estate, but for my purposes here, for blogging). What is your motivation? Why do you want to do it?

I was thinking about this today. My husband is self-employed as a hair stylist. Once in a blue moon, he has a really late start to his day, and today was one of those rare days.  He didn’t have to go to work until 2:30 p.m. We woke up when we got done sleeping (not to an alarm telling us we’re done sleeping!!!). We had our breakfast when we felt like it, then he informed me he was going to clean the kitchen. Now, this was funny to me because I had already considered doing it. I had a ton of other chores to do since we went camping this past weekend and I had some tying up loose ends from that to do.

I told him to go for it and started some other chores. I know this is all mundane for you to read, but my point is this…it hit me when he was outside cleaning the windows (yes, we got pretty serious about cleaning…but it was cool!) that here we were in the middle of the day, cleaning our house, enjoying each other’s company, and getting stuff done! I thought to myself, “man, I wish we could do this all the time!” No, not clean the house, but just do what makes sense to us. Do we need to do chores, ok then, we do them. Do we need to run errands, ok, we run errands! Do we want to have lunch with one of our adult children, then we do that.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I enjoy spending time with this man, and I would love to do this full time. While I know there’s nothing wrong with this, it is sadly, not our reality at this given moment.

SO, my big why is that I want to spend time with my man! He and I have so enjoyed having our little camper and going all over our beautiful state together, why not go see the country together in our little camper? Why not go see the world together? There’s so much we want to do, but we need to create the freedom to do it. I know many people have the same desire. I read it online all the time. I want to be different. I don’t just want this desire to burn inside of me and not do anything with it! I want to make my living by blogging…REALLY!!!

Are you interested in starting a blog or some other form of online income? If so, why? Define your reason for wanting to. Write your reasons down. Make a goal board, either physical or on Pinterest. The steps for starting your site aren’t hard and they are laid out for free on numerous websites! It just takes some effort.

It all starts with an idea. Write it down, pen it out, set some goals and start your research! Pick something that you know and do well.  What is it that you can’t stop talking about? What do you know that others want to know? For me, it’s being crafty, it’s traveling near and far, it’s baking and cooking. For him, it’s doing hair (yes, you will inevitably see some posts on haircare here), coming up with life hacks, and doing home renovation projects. A multi-topic blog seemed like the right thing for the two of us, but maybe you want a more focused blog.

Choose your domain name. There are many parts to building a website, but the first is to choose your name. It can be anything, you will drive the traffic to it, so making up the name doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s nothing magical here. Write down words that have to do with your subject matter. I came up with Pingineer because my idea was to start with pins from Pinterest that I have used and loved, and re-engineering them to make them my own. Pinterest Engineer…PINGINEER!

Choose your host. Think of this as a place for your website to live. Basically, if you’re building a home, it needs to be built SOMEWHERE. The domain name is the address (which tells people where to go), the host is physically where it lives (which computer it lives on). I like Bluehost.com. It is cheap (only $2.95/month) and reliable (can handle LOADS of traffic without slowing your site down or crashing all together).

Install WordPress. You don’t have to use WordPress, it’s just one of the most popular content management systems with lots of plugins and extras for just about any type of website you want to build (it’s EASY software to use)! Most website hosts have a one-click installation, so it should be easy to do.

Choose and install your theme. There are TONS of free themes. The main thing you want to be aware of is that it is a responsive theme…all this means is that it can be viewed on any device and the site will respond and resize according to the device accessing it. Most themes are responsive these days, but you just want to make sure.

Finish setup according to your theme. This step varies with each theme. Most themes will have a homepage or some kind of support page that will show you how to setup your page to look like theirs. There are many, MANY videos on YouTube about this. There’s no need for me to reinvent the wheel here.

Begin blogging! Obviously, this is an oversimplified list. You will need to either make a logo, or have one made for you. You will need to set up social media. You will need to set up emails for your website and probably a thousand other little things, but this is the nitty gritty, bare basic list that will get you up and running!!!

I hope this list helps you! I hope it motivates you! I know blogging isn’t for everyone, but it can be done by anyone! It’s not difficult, just time consuming. That’s all I have for now, folks! I want to leave you with a quote:

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck, do better! ~ Alex Elle

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